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Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart is such a busy center that it makes it impossible for someone to be bored. The children work on daily art activities, math and science projects. The staff at Sacred Heart knows how important homework is for academic success, so they created a Homework Club which is open to every child. Sacred Heart center is a program which strives to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can catch us involved in many activities each day, favorites of the children include, trying to catch the staff during a game of tag or celebrating with holiday parties.


By providing a variety of activities, our program offers enriching, relaxing, fun-oriented experiences. We always keep in mind that children are unique and develop at varying intervals. We encourage each child to use his/her potential and we provide new experiences for growth. It is our purpose to help each child develop to the best of his/her individual ability and to provide an atmosphere in which the child can learn to share and be a supportive member of a team.

Please contact our office for our fees at 410-751-3700

Staff Bios

Ms. Kelli Magee is our Director at Sacred Heart ABC Care. Ms. Kelli has worked in child care for 8 years and has taught horseback riding lessons to children for 27 years. She completed her certification at Community College of Baltimore County in both Preschool and School Age Care. Her passion for exceptional child care practice partners directly with ABC Care's vision of high quality child care. Kelli takes time to build relationships with both children and families knowing that children's safety and well-being is our number one priority. Kelli goes the extra mile with her lesson planning by creating activities and events children and families will remember for a lifetime.

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COA's After School Standards represent a merging of NAA's standards and COA's 8th Edition Standards, and include three different sections of standards: After School Program Administration (ASP-AM), After School Human Resources (ASP-HR), and After School Programming and Services (ASP-PS). The set of standards are based on generally-accepted elements of best practice, outcomes-oriented, effective in advancing quality, and responsive to the unique needs and diversity of after school programs. COA's standards are grounded in a long-standing, widely held belief that children, youth, and families benefit when a program enhances its capacity to achieve its mission and validate its impact. “Children and youth who participate in After School and Youth Development programs gain the personal, social, emotional, and educational assets needed to support healthy development, increase well-being, and facilitate a successful transition through childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood.” Council of Accreditation Core Purpose
ABC Care Center - Sacred Heart
63 Sacred Heart Lane
Glyndon, MD 21071
(410) 833-9427

6:45 am until school begins
School dismissal until 6:15 pm
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