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ABC Care Fall Parent Conferences


ABC Care Fall Parent Conferences

In order to continue providing high quality care, ABC Care is offering biannual Parent Conferences regarding all of the children in our care. Parent conferences are an opportunity for a more formal, written communication with families regarding their child's developmental progress in our ABC program. Parent conferences will be offered from October 12-December 4 for the fall. You will receive notice when the spring conference window will begin in 2016.

This is a wonderful opportunity for communication between the Director and the family to work collaboratively to meet the needs of the child. Open communication and an exchange of ideas on areas of strength and weakness within our program will be shared during the conference. The Director will meet with families on an individual basis to review the Conference Checklist. Your Site Director will approach parents for a 15 minute conference block.

Families new to ABC Care or with kindergarten children will benefit from learning more about our program and how we are working to teach children both academic and social skills. Families of children who have received 2 or more Incident Reports , or 3 or more Accident Reports within 2 weeks will be requested to attend a conference to review any patterns of behavior and ways to jointly address the child's needs.

We look forward to this new opportunity to share positive information regarding your child's development through the activities within our ABC Care programs. If we can answer any questions for you, please call 410-751-3700 or email

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