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Amended Inclement Weather Fees 2015/2016


The following are 2015/2016 updated inclement weather event fees:

In the 2014/2015 School Year,All Day Snow Day fees were $37.50 for everyone.

This year, effective immediately,All Day Snow Day fees will be reduced to match All Day Care fees:
  • $30.00 for 5 AM and 5 PM schedules
  • $33.75 for 5 AM or 5 PM schedules
  • $37.50 for regular schedules less than 5 days per week
  • $70.00 for Flex or Drop-In Schedule only

Unscheduled Early Dismissals will remain the same, with no additional fees. We also will provide care for the five scheduled Early Dismissals built into the school calendars for 2015/2016.

Delayed Starts will offer care beginning at 7 AM, if possible, at Deer Park United Methodist Church, Rte. 32 in Westminster, St. John School, Westminster, and Sykesville Fire Hall, Rte. 32 in Sykesville. Van transportation will be provided to deliver children to their home school at the two hour delay start time. Actual school sites will open 2 hours after normal start time. Please see ABC Care website information for normal start times versus delayed start times. ABC Care will provide care until the delayed start time for each school site.

For families using Deer Park, St.John, or Sykesville Fire Hall, Delayed Start fees for 2015/2016 will be:
  • $3.00 per child with a 5 AM AND 5 PM schedule
  • $4.00 per child with a 5 AM Schedule
  • $5.00 per child with a regular schedule,that includes mornings, but less than five days per week
  • $40.00 per child with a Flex schedule, no regular schedule, or no morning schedule (Regular Drop-In rate)
All fees must be paid at the time of service by cash or check.

Families with a 5 day per week schedule receive a larger discount due to the fact they use ABC Care every day of the week which allows us to provide consistent staff hours and placement of staff each day.

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