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Summer Camp: Send Your Kids A Message!


This summer send your kids a message!


If you haven't registered for ABC Care Summer Camp yet, contact us now!

Then give your children some great advice!

Play, Play, Play! Good, old-fashioned playtime is essential for the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of children, and summer camp is a wonderful place for kids to do just that.

Experience nature! Camp is a fantastic way for children to relax, enjoy nature and the world around them, and take the time to breathe deeply. Its an opportunity to learn to de-stress the natural way!

Try new activities and hobbies! Children frequently try new activities at camp they were afraid to do at first. Those activities can leave lasting impressions and children often continue the new activity after returning home.

Get your body pumping! Being physical will not only improve health, it helps children sleep better at night (extra bonus to parents)!

Be creative. The finished product doesnt matter; its about the act of being creative and looking at the world around you and capturing the little details.

Use your head and get those neurons pumping! Participation in intentional programs, like camp, during summer months helps stem summer learning loss. Because of the hands-onnature of camp, children who struggle in traditional education settings often do well at camp.

Children are growing, both inside and out. Dedicated camp staff and smart parents know that at summer camp, a child should Act Like a Child!

Please visit our website or call the main office for more information.

Kids will be kids; at camp thats a good thing!


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