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Why is Licensed Child Care the Only Choice?


20 Reasons Why Licensed Quality School Age Child Care is the Only Choice!

Some facilities may offer drop-in "babysitting" or child care for an hour or so while parents shop, work out or attend a meeting. However, licensed, quality child care is much, much more than a drop-in service. Look at the many ways licensing helps assure quality and guarantees that standards are met.

1. Licensing assures that all staff meet Maryland State and FBI criminal background checks and have a child abuse and neglect clearance.

2. Licensing guarantees that a child care facility/program meets state health and safety standards.

3. Licensing means that the facility/program has received approval of the Office of Child Care, Maryland State Department of Education, and other local agencies as required (i.e. fire marshal, zoning, health and environment)

4. Licensing confirms that all staff have received a pre-employment physical and a TB test.

5. Licensing regulates the positions of staff according to their age, level of education and college classes (appropriate to their hired position).

6. Licensing regulates the number of children per site and the ratio of children to staff.

7. Licensing assures that child groupings do not go past a maximum number and appropriate staff are assigned to each grouping.

8. Licensing oversees the continued education of staff and their professional development plans.

9. Licensing assures that staff receive CPR/First Aide training every 2 years.

10. Licensing guarantees that the Director of a Child Care facility/program meets minimum age, education and experience requirements.

11. Licensing assures that yearly inspections are completed and that the facility/program maintains compliance with all state standards.

12. Licensing and the Office of Child Care also act as the investigative body for all concerns or complaints against a licensed facility.

13. Licensing verifies that a program follows the minimum square footage of environment for the number of children for which it is licensed.

14. Licensing oversees the service of food, types of food served, amount of food served, storage of food products and food handling safety.

15. Licensing verifies that the facility maintains standards of cleanliness and procedures for cleaning.

16. Licensing validates that the program and activities are age appropriate and include indoor, outdoor, quiet and active periods.

17. Licensing substantiates that children are supervised at all times in a manner appropriate to their age, the activity and the child's individual needs.

18. Licensing assures that each child has appropriate paper work including an up to date emergency card, a physical and appropriate immunizations as required by state standards.

19. Licensing verifies that the child care facility/program has an emergency evacuation plan and that the facility/program conduct monthly fire drills.

20. Licensing confirms that all child discipline procedures must be appropriate to the child's age and maturity level and may not include the deliberate infliction of physical or emotional pain. It assures that corporal punishment of any kind is not allowed.

Considering all that licensing does to assure that your child is safe, well cared for, protected, supervised, kept healthy, and engaged in activities by educated, trained staff, why would anyone choose anything but a quality, LICENSED program? Additionally, if a child care center has gone over and above they will have received National Accreditation. It has proven that it goes far beyond the state standards for health, safety, training, policies and the education of children!

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