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Why ABC Care Fund Raises


Why ABC Care Fund Raises

1. Money for your center

ABC Care is a non profit organization although fees are competitive; they do not always cover those "extras" a Director, center or children would like to have for daily or special activities

2. To help support our Compassion Child

We sponsor a Haitian child named Mislove Celestin, from Compassion Child International. Our main office snack table provides fees for 1 month, while the centers cover the fees for the other 11 months.

3. Fund Raising generates excitement and involvement of the families, children, and staff for a common goal

When children know they are working toward a common goal, they become a "team." Fundraising incentives give the children something fun and different to look forward to.

4. Cafe/Snack Shack teaches life skills

When runningcafe/snack shack, children learn how to count money, decide mark-ups, balance the money budget, and understand profit/loss. Children purchasing items learn decision making, money management and change. It's also just fun!

We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to serve as your family's Before School Childcare, After School Childcare, and Summer Camp provider

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