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Inclement Weather 2018


Inclement Weather Policy

Please utilize our voice mail and website services in the case of inclement weather or other emergency situations.By 6:15 AM ABC Cares main office and each individual center will have a recorded message, indicating any plans or changes that will occur for that day.

If Carroll County Public Schools and Carroll County Public Schools Central Offices are closed, ABC Care will also be closed.

Inclement Weather Delays:

When Carroll County Public Schools delay opening by two (2) hours, ABC Care will open inclement weather facilities at 7:00 AM if possible. The inclement weather facilities will be announced by 6:15 AM on ABC Cares main office, web site and each individual centers voice mail. ABC Care will then transport children from the inclement weather sites to their appropriate schools beginning at approximately 8:00 AM. If road conditions do not support transportation by van prior to 8:15 a.m.OR Carroll County Public Schools have announced a delayed start with a reevaluation, it may be necessary to open on site at delayed start time.

Inclement Weather School Closings:If the conditions are not extreme and Carroll County Public Schools Central Offices are open, but Carroll County Public Schools are closed for the day due to snow/ice conditions, ABC Care may open one or both inclement weather sites. Start times will be on voicemail and website as well.

The site locations are:

Deer Park United Methodist Church Sykesville Freedom District Fire Department

2205 Sykesville Road 6680 Sykesville Road

Westminster, MD 21157 Sykesville, MD 21784

Phone: 410-984-3646 Phone: 410-984-0807

**Should other sites be added, parents will be notified through their centers.

If the conditions worsen, it is possible ABC Care will close early; you will receive a phone call if this should occur.

After we have announced a delayed opening, please continue to monitor conditions. If you are unsure of the status, it is suggested that you call our office (410-751-3700) or your center before leaving home. Please refer to our Telephone Directory for needed phone numbers. Messages will be recorded indicating any changes that may occur.

Early Dismissal:

If the school system dismisses school early due to weather conditions, we are notified and will be in the center when the children are dismissed. It should be understood that if the weather is bad enough to close schools, you should do your best to pick your child up as soon as possible for the safety of your child and to allow our staff to also get home safely.

Center Closings:

If the weather is severe enough, it will be necessary for the centers to delay openings or possibly even close altogether. These decisions are never easy to make and are based primarily on whether or not the staff can safely get to the centers.

If Carroll County Public Schools Central Offices and/or Custodial Staff are requested to shut down, we will then be required to close our centers. In this event, you will be notified and asked to have your child picked up as soon as possible, by yourself or a person of your choice.

We would like to emphasize that we do our best to get the center open on time or as soon as possible. In extreme cases such as ice covered roads, 3 inches of snow with weather predictions of additional snow that day, WE WILL BE CLOSED.

Additional Charges:

Additional charges do apply in the event of an All Day Care, Snow Day or Delayed Start due to public school closings. Please refer to the Tuition Fee Schedule.

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