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Important Information About Cascade Lake


Many of our families are aware of the flooding situation that occurred at Cascade Lake on Thursday, July 26 and Friday July 27 due to the 13 plus inches of rain that fell. Both the news media and social media have announced that Cascade Lake has closed for the summer due to flooding and the potential for further flooding. The lake has also been pumped down to 30 feet to prevent any further problems.

This is to inform you that it is only the Lake that is closed. Additionally, the property is not open to the public with the exception of Saturday and Sundays when the picnic areas and the Splash and Play will be open at a greatly reduced fee. On field trip days, ABC Care is still able to use the Pool, Splash and Play and the field areas around both the pool and Splash and Play areas. The closing of the lake will not affect our scheduled field trip days.

If you have visited Cascade Lake, you would be aware that the lake is on a much lower elevation than either the pool or Splash and Play. The Pool is at the highest elevation level on the property. Additionally, there is a gate that leads down to the lake that is closed and locked. Our children can safely enjoy the pool, swim lessons , the Splash and Play area and the fields. Cascade Lake has closed their snack bar but hot lunch will still be available through ABC Care. You may order Domino's pizza lunch for your child on Tuesday and/or Thursday. Cascade Lake will also open their snow ball stand for our children to purchase a treat before returning to camp.

ABC Care has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Cascade Lake and the owners Patrick and Suzanne Flynn for many years. This weather event has certainly thrown their summer into a tail spin. We want to continue to support them as they recover from this natural disaster to their property. You may also wish to support them to visiting their Splash and Play on Saturday or Sundays.

Any further questions, please speak to your camp Director or call the main office at 410-751-3700.

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