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Delayed Opening Friday, March 1st


Today is Friday, March 1st. Carroll and Baltimore county public schools are opening 2 hours late with a reevaluation by Carroll County by 7:15 AM. At this time, all ABC Care center will open 2 hours late on site. Please check back by 7:15 AM for an updated message. Our main office will open at 10 AM.

ABC Care centers will open at the following times:
Eldersburg: 8:45 AM
Friendship Valley: 8:45 AM
Mechanicsville: 8:30 AM
Mt. Airy: 8:30 AM
Parrs Ridge: 8:30 AM
Piney Ridge: 8:45 AM
Sacred Heart: 8:45 AM
St. John: 8:30 AM
Westminster: 8:30 AM
Winfield: 8:30 AM

Thank you.

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