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Outstanding Employees for March


Please join us in congratulatingKelsey Walker and Courtney Bagwandeenas Outstanding ABC Care Employees in the month of March.

*Kelsey joined our ABC Care team in December of 2017. Kelsey began as an Assistant School Age Child Care Teacher at Sacred Heart ABC Care. Kelsey took classes to be promoted to a School Age Child Care Teacher and recently received a promotion to a Senior School Age Child Care Teacher.Kelsey is always early each day. She is prepared for her day with an art sample and gets her STEM ready for the day. She enjoys her Middies group so much that she has to be persuaded to leave even when she is under the weather! Although Kelsey does not consider herself creative she is quick to find great activities for her children on Pinterest or from suggestions from other staff.Kelsey has worked hard to develop parent relationships. She has worked on learning how to have difficult conversations with parents about behavior. Kelsey has a very large active group and is always keeping her eye on them by moving around the area and watching for her hot spots. She knows that safety is primary.Kelsey has strived to grow in her position. She asks questions when she is struggling so that she can give her best.Kelsey demonstrates the ABC Care culture by beingable to provide creative and fun programming activitiesand being a person who is caring and compassionate.

*Courtney joined the ABC Care staff as an Assistant in August 2018. Courtney worked at the Deer Park Sports and Swim Camp during summer 2018 and began as an Assistant at Sacred Heart ABC Care center in September of this school year.

Courtney is always early and ready to go each day. She manages her high school life and her work responsibilities well. She has a fabulous work ethic for someone still in high school.Courtney is helpful with the Middies crafts and STEM projects. Additionally she regularly suggests fun activities for the theme. Courtney has taken on the job of changing the flip chart and does an amazing job.Everyone loves Courtneys smile and enthusiasm. She knows that fun is important but she is also aware of safety at all times. Courtney steps up when needed. She can even be heard promoting summer camp and how much fun it is!

Courtney has grown so much in her position as an assistant. She is a staff member who represents our culture by being a person who is caring, compassionate and respectful with both children and adults and being a person who enjoys interacting, and playing games with children.

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