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More Outstanding Employees for April


Please join us in congratulating Caitlin Moreland as an Outstanding ABC Care Employee.

Caitlin joined the ABC Care team in August 2018 as an Assistant. Caitlin works at Parrs Ridge in Mt. Airy every afternoon. Caitlin is a huge help in setting up the center each day. She arrives before her shift begins most days and starts rearranging tables immediately. She takes care in setting out activities and materials that are listed in the plans. She is thorough and has a good eye for making sure the center has the right look before the children arrive. For a short while, Caitlin subbed at several other sites when needed, going where she was needed. She was always on time, smiling and ready to work. Caitlin has assumed more responsibilities this spring at Parrs Ridge with staff changes. During the transition time, she would take roll each day for the group, count heads, follow the lesson plans for activities and help keep the substitute on schedule and moving the children forward in their afternoon. Caitlin is great at organizing and helped keep the teacher closet straight. She even helped with changing the ABC Care bulletin board in the school as well!

Caitlin wants to provide a fun afternoon for children and looks for ways to keep them engaged and busy. Caitlin is a great asset to ABC Care! She demonstrates the ABC Culture by being able to provide creative and fun programming activities and enjoy (s) interacting, and playing games with children.

Please join us in congratulating Megan Kelley as an Outstanding ABC Care Employee.

Megan began with ABC Care in August of 2016 at Piney Ridge. Megan started as an Assistant and has grown to an Assistant Teacher. She arrives on time for her shifts and is ready to work each day. Megan is a hard worker and very dependable. Megan stays alert to all the children in the room and never hesitates to take action to keep children safe.

Megan has gotten to know the children and families of Piney Ridge very well over the last 3 years. She is friendly and welcoming, making sure to greet everyone who enters the room. Megan has built a strong relationship with the school personnel and takes time to say hello each day. Megan is flexible and adapts to the needs of the centers in the Eldersburg area. She has agreed to come to work on her scheduled day off multiple times, as well as work at one center and then travel to a second center once numbers drop. Megan leads organized group games in the gym and can step in and run team time or activities with a group. Megan also helps to train new staff with set up, clean up and procedures for SmartCare. Megan enjoys spending time with the children, playing games, listening to their stories and making sure children feel a part of the Piney Ridge ABC team. Megan is a great asset to ABC Care! She demonstrates the ABC Culture by being consistently involved and engaged with the children of the center and enjoy (s) interacting, and playing games with children.

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