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Outstanding Employee for May


Please join us in congratulating Josh Hopkins as an Outstanding ABC Care Employee.

Mr. Josh has worked for ABC Care since May of 2016. Josh has worked at Sacred Heart, Friendship Valley, Eldersburg and Winfield ABC Care Centers. He is currently finishing his second year as Co-Director at the Winfield ABC Care Center. Josh is also a valued team member at the Eldersburg Adventure Camp. While working for ABC Care, Josh also continues his education at Towson University working towards his Secondary Education degree with a concentration in History.

Joshs team time discussions are not only fun, but meaningful for the Senior group. His flare for the dramatic keeps the children engaged and energized. Josh brings a friendly and welcoming attitude wherever he goes. He has developed great relationships with both parents, fellow staff members and Winfield school personnel.

Mr. Josh is always moving around the room, making sure to keep his eyes on behavior issues. He has grown in his knowledge and experience with the special needs students and is able to deal with situations in a compassionate manner.

Mr. Josh continues to display the ABC Care Culture as being caring, compassionate and respectful with both children and adults, being an individual who demonstrates flexibility, responsibility, a positive attitude and outgoing demeanor on a daily basis and an individual who demonstrates strong leadership skills.

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