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CCPS and BCPS closing early


Update 10:25 am: Baltimore County has decided to close early and our Sacred Heart location will close 2 hours early now.

Carroll and Baltimore County Public Schools are closing 2 hours early due to forecasted inclement weather. All ABC Care staff will be on-site at the time schools are dismissed to receive children in the afternoon programs. As per Carroll County regulations, our centers are required to close early on these days for the safety of students and staff to travel safely. If you are unable to pick up your child prior to the early closing time, please contact the site (phone numbers below) to designate an emergency contact who can be there prior to the 2 hour early closing time. We appreciate your understanding. Travel safely this afternoon!

Ebb Valleyclosing at 4:30 pm(410-374-5400)

Eldersburgclosing at 4:15 pm(410-795-6110)

Friendship Valleyclosing at 4:15 pm(410-857-1332)

Mechanicsville closing at 4:15 pm (410-549-0742)

Mt. Airy closing at 4:30 pm (301-829-5370)

Parr's Ridge closing at 4:30 pm (301-829-3840)

Piney Ridge closing at 4:15 pm (410-795-0731)

Sacred Heart closing at 4:15 pm (410-833-9427)

St John closing at 4:15 pm (410-857-3984)

Westminster closing at 4:30 pm (410-848-8702)

Winfield closing at 4:30 pm (410-635-6985)

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