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Outstanding Employee Joseline Jimenez


Joseline Jimenez joined our ABC Care team in August of 2019. Joseline has been flexible, helpful and a cooperative member of the team since her first day of work.  Joseline helps Friendship Valley set up their center every day and then transitions to St John as an ASACCT.  At times, due to staffing, she has been asked to stay and work the entire afternoon at Friendship Valley. Joseline is always willing to go the extra mile and fill any staffing hole there may be.  Recently, she has helped fill a morning need at Westminster center.

Joseline is always on time and ready for her shift. She arrives with a smile on her face. She takes initiative and does tasks without being asked. She can be seen doing art with the students and helping them with their projects. Joseline is hardworking and always willing to do whatever is asked of her.

Joselines positive attitude and smile are contagious. Although at the Assistant School Age Teacher level presently, we are hopeful that Joseline will be ready to move up to a School Age Teacher position with the completion of a curriculum class.

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