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Outstanding Employee Jasmine Wood


Please join us in congratulating Jasmine Wood as an Outstanding ABC Care Employee.

Jasmine joined our ABC Care Sacred Heart team in August of 2019.  Jasmine arrives early for her shifts and is prepared to work from the moment she walks in the door.  She jumps in to begin set up immediately and goes full throttle.  

Jasmine works with the middle school group at Sacred Heart.  For being so young herself, she has an understanding of their developmental needs and can handle emotional middle school angst.  Jasmine is caring and compassionate with her students.  She also enjoys being active with the middle schoolers in the gym.  She is always playing gym games and involved in basketball or any other group game.  

Jasmine is friendly and respectful, greeting everyone who walks into the room.  She assumes responsibilities such as keeping the snack closet in order, without being asked to simply because it needs to be done and she makes time to do it. 

Jasmine has high expectations for herself and shared at her interview that she keeps a you can do this mindset.  We agree! 

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