Outstanding Employee: Kaitlin Sheppard

Please congratulate our Outstanding Employee Kaitlin Sheppard

Kaitlin is an Assistant Director at Parrs Ridge. She started with ABC Care in October 2019. She is always early for her shifts in the morning to get the center open and ready for our families. Kaitlin takes safety seriously at Parrs Ridge-taking extra care during roll call and double checking the kiosk that children were signed in appropriately

Kaitlin is friendly with everyone-Parrs Ridge families, building service and school staff. Kaitlin is responsible for snack shopping and can be counted on to make healthy & tasty purchases and staying in budget. Everyday, Kaitlin is excited to do the craft and makes a sample that has her own special flair!

Her site director, Ms. Meghan, can depend on Kaitlin when she is pulled to another center or steps away to handle a manager issue. Kaitlin runs Parrs Ridge handling behavior issues and all the day to day needs. She even did not miss a beat when the staff had set up the cafeteria for the afternoon and the school office/building supervisor came down and said ABC Care needed to be set up in the media center-they forgot to inform ABC Care of the school event being held in the cafeteria. Kaitlin accommodated and tore it all back down and made the move without complaint or drama!