Outstanding Employee: Penny Hoffman

Please join us in congratulating Penny Hoffman as an Outstanding ABC Care Employee

Penny is a School Age Teacher at Piney Ridge. She is dependable and takes care to be early for her shifts and ready to start our program. Penny has built strong relationships with staff, children, parents and school personnel. She always presents herself as a professional in both attitude and appearance!

Penny works with the very energetic junior group of kindergarten, first and second grades. She plans an abundance of fun, interactive activities to keep them focused all morning and afternoon! Penny generates interest in her lessons plans, so the children are interested too! She provides opportunities for the children to be creative in all we do! Penny focuses on the positive when talking with children or sharing with parents. She focuses on solutions and next steps in order to move forward. Penny shows enthusiasm with her group each day you can tell she loves what she does!

Penny plans to move up to a Senior School Age Teacher and has been taking on more and more responsibilities within the center. Penny has learned a great deal about the administrative side of our job in a very short time at Piney Ridge this school year in her new role! She has assisted with updating children’s files and performing internal pre-inspections for licensing.