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Parr's Ridge

Congratulations to our Parr's Ridge ABC Care site on earning National Accreditation through the Council On Accreditation (COA) in May 2011! ABC Care continues to be a leader in the field of child care with quality programs and staff!

Our daily planning provides lots of unique activities for the children that are geared towards early child hood programming for grades K-2nd. The children have a daily structured routine, which provides a balance between quiet homework time and active social engagement. Weekly programming is designed around a theme, activities are planned to assist children with cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. Each month the center focuses on a character trait to reinforce values such as respect and kindness. In addition a country is featured each month to enrich and broaden the children's cultural knowledge.


By providing a variety of activities, our program offers enriching, relaxing, fun-oriented experiences. We always keep in mind that children are unique and develop at varying intervals. We encourage each child to use his/her potential and we provide new experiences for growth. It is our purpose to help each child develop to the best of his/her individual ability and to provide an atmosphere in which the child can learn to share and be a supportive member of a team.

Please contact our office for our fees at 410-751-3700

Staff Bios

Ms. Brittany Black is our Director at Parr's Ridge ABC Care. Ms. Brittany has worked with children for 5 years in both Frederick and Carroll counties. She earned her degree in Early Childhood / Elementary Education at Frostburg State University. Ms. Brittany is a member of our Fundraising and Licensing and Regulations committees. Brittany has also taught in the public school system. Brittany will be credentialed at a Level 6 (out of 6) through the Maryland State Department of Education later this year.

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This Location Meets NAA Standards
The NAA Standards for School-Age Quality specifically address the indicators of quality programs reflected in current research. Examples include meeting the developmentally different needs of youth, 5-14 years, involving children and youth in program planning, providing positive interactions between children and youth and adults, and ensuring a safe and challenging environment for children and youth in and out of school time.
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This Location Meets COA Standards
COA's After School Standards represent a merging of NAA's standards and COA's 8th Edition Standards, and include three different sections of standards: After School Program Administration (ASP-AM), After School Human Resources (ASP-HR), and After School Programming and Services (ASP-PS). The set of standards are based on generally-accepted elements of best practice, outcomes-oriented, effective in advancing quality, and responsive to the unique needs and diversity of after school programs. COA's standards are grounded in a long-standing, widely held belief that children, youth, and families benefit when a program enhances its capacity to achieve its mission and validate its impact. “Children and youth who participate in After School and Youth Development programs gain the personal, social, emotional, and educational assets needed to support healthy development, increase well-being, and facilitate a successful transition through childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood.” Council of Accreditation Core Purpose
ABC Care Center - Parr's Ridge
202 Watersville Road
Mt Airy, MD 21771
(301) 829-3840

6:30 am until school begins
School dismissal until 6:30 pm
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