About ABC Care

ABC Care is a nonprofit corporation providing a safe, secure, fun recreational and educational experience for school-age children, from kindergarten through the eighth grade. With locations throughout Carroll County and in northwest Baltimore County, ABC Care gives parents peace of mind, knowing that their children are supervised, having fun and most importantly, they are SAFE! ABC Care offers before and after school year and summer camp programs.

Mission Statement

The mission of ABC Care, Inc., is to provide an exceptional child care program for children of varying school ages, from kindergarten through eighth grade, through unique, age-appropriate experiences, promoting individual growth and development.

Our Philosophy

ABC Care Child Care Centers provide a safe, secure, fun, recreational and educational experience.

By providing a variety of activities, our program offers enriching, relaxing, fun-oriented experiences. Keeping in mind that children are unique and develop at varying intervals, we encourage each child to reach their own potential and provide new experiences for growth. It is our purpose to help all children develop to the best of their abilities, and to provide an atmosphere in which they can learn to share and be a supportive member of a team.

Our Staff

ABC Care school-based and summer camp programs hire supervisors and staff members who demonstrate necessary experience and skills for working successfully with children, including enthusiasm, compassion, patience, and respect. All undergo state and federal criminal background checks and complete up to 24 hours of Core of Knowledge and child supervisory training as well as First Aid/CPR, and health and wellness training.

Meet Our Management Team