before and after school childcare program

ABC Care provides a before and after school childcare program conveniently located in 11 public and private schools in Carroll and Northwestern Baltimore counties. Our programs maintain quality standards by providing a variety of activities. Children are grouped by age and able to participate in teacher-led and self-selected activities that promote success and learning. Activities vary by center and may include arts and crafts, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), cultural exploration, team building events, sign language instruction, homework assistance, outdoor play and of course, snack time, with two food groups and drinks provided each morning and afternoon.

Programs delivered by ABC Care have been nationally accredited and uphold and maintain best practice standards of excellence for school-age childcare. ABC Care is the only Carroll County provider with 26 national accreditations since 2001!

The ABC Care program is offered before the school day begins and after the school day ends. Visit your center’s page for the center’s hours, daily program schedule, and activities.



Expression of feelings, making decisions and following interests


Make new friends and get along with others


Between right and wrong through meaningful experiences


A wide variety of equipment


A sense of responsibility


In an atmosphere in which he/she may learn to be both a supportive member of a team and a team leader

Our Programs Are Accessible And Affordable To Families Needing Our Service.

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn about our flexible scheduling options, holiday offerings, inclement weather policy.

Before & After-School Program Impact

The before- and after-school environment allows youth to interact among themselves and with adults in a more relaxed atmosphere. Research shows that youth with the opportunity to build positive peer and adult relationships have better school and community connectedness, better school attendance, increased social competence, and less substance abuse and behavioral issues including gang involvement. School attendance and school connectedness are the single most important protective factors identified with reducing risky behaviors including substance abuse, acting out in class, fighting, bullying, and emotional distress. Research also indicates that these programs can markedly increase engagement in learning, improve academic achievement, and reduce behavioral issues.

Children and youth who participate in After School and Youth Development programs gain the personal, social, emotional, and educational assets needed to support healthy development, increase well-being, and facilitate a successful transition through childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood.”

– Council of Accreditation Core Purpose